Programs and Services

Outpatient Community-Based Services

Outpatient services provided to a person in their community. Services are provided by a team that uses the resources of the individual, his/her family, and the community. Outpatient programs offer individual, group, and family therapy, medication management, etc.

Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management services are used to assist individuals in finding and getting psychiatric, medical, social, and educational services and supports.

Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization

Day treatment offers care to individuals diagnosed as having a psychiatric disorder and requiring a level of care greater than outpatient services can provide, but not at a level requiring full-time services in a hospital. The focus is on developing supportive medical and psychological and social work services. Day treatment may include rehabilitation services, educational services and vocational education.

Residential Services

Residential Services provide a variety of housing alternatives to meet the diverse needs of individuals. The Department of Mental Health assists Missourians challenged by mental illness in obtaining and maintaining safe, decent and affordable housing options that best meet their individual and family needs. Housing is a key to helping Missourians with disabilities and their families attain independent living. The vision of the Department is that all Missourians challenged by mental illnesses have housing options that are affordable and accessible, integrated into communities, and provide real choice.

Inpatient (Hospitalization)

Individuals whose psychiatric needs cannot be met in the community and who require 24-hour observation and treatment are placed in inpatient treatment. These services are considered appropriate for persons who may be dangerous to themselves or others as a result of their mental disorder. Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances or in acute crisis may receive the above-mentioned services as well as services provided through the programs listed below.


Temporary care given to an individual by specialized, trained providers for the purpose of providing a period of relief to the primary care givers.

Treatment Family Home Program

This service provides individualized treatment within a community-based family environment with specially trained parents. It allows out-of-home services for those needing them, but also allows children to remain in their own communities and often in their home school districts.

Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPRP)

This program is a person-centered approach that emphasizes individual choices and needs; features flexible community-based services and supports; uses existing community resources and natural support systems; and promotes independence and the pursuit of meaningful living, working, learning, and leisure-time activities in normal community settings. The program provides an array of key services to persons with severe, disabling mental illnesses. Services include evaluations, crisis intervention, community support, medication management, and psychosocial rehabilitation. Because CPRP is a Medicaid supported program, the federal government pays approximately 60 percent of the costs for eligible clients.

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