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This page is designed for use by teams providing the Integrated Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders evidence based practice.

Missouri Teams

ITCD one page infographic

Policy Memos

Original information about submitting a letter of intent to provide Integrated Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders (ITCD)

If you have questions please contact Susan Blume (573) 751-8078

Evidence Based Practice Toolkits

Enhanced IMR - This University of Minnesota website has information about Enhanced IMR - An emerging evidence-informed intervention, Enhanced Illness Management and Recovery (E-IMR) helps practitioners integrate care for mental and substance use disorders. Innovative and effective, this new care model combines two proven practices: Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) and Illness Management and Recovery (IMR).


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Department of Mental Health Contact Information
Employee Number
Susan L. Blume, M.Ed. (573) 751-8078
Lori Norval, MS, LPC (417) 448-3476
Kelly Orr (314) 877-5972
Bobbi Good, LCSW (816) 387-2894
Chrystal Cole, MA (417) 448-3462
Bobbi Summers, MS, LPC (573) 218-7141
Carolyn Sullivan, MS (573) 526-0264