Important Messages Concerning Certification

  • The Division of Behavioral Health is imposing a moratorium on initial applications for certification beginning September 22, 2021, through April 01, 2022.  The temporary suspension is in response to a backlog of new applications and preparation for implementation of additional monitoring activities.  Applications that are received during this time frame will be placed on hold through April 01, 2022.  Applicants will be notified that submitted documents were received; however, the application will not be assigned to a Certification Specialist for review until April 1, 2022.   

  • The State of Missouri does not require certification for non-contracted agencies providing mental health or substance use disorder services unless required for entities providing services eligible for certification and receiving county mental health funds under 9 CSR 30-2.010 Designation of Programs to Receive County Community Mental Health Funds.
  • Any organization contracting with the Division of Behavioral Health (DBH), formerly the Divisions of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, is required to obtain and maintain certification.
  • Certification in itself does not constitute an assurance of Department of Mental Health funding or guarantee contract awards.
  • For information concerning contracts and bid opportunities.

For questions concerning this notice please contact Miranda Robinett, Manager of Certification and Program Monitoring by email Miranda.Robinett@dmh.mo.gov or phone 573-526-1572.

About Certification

The Department of Mental Health is mandated to develop certification standards and to certify an organization’s level of service, treatment or rehabilitation as necessary for the organization to operate, receive funds from the department, or participate in a service network authorized by the department and be eligible for reimbursement for the following Medicaid programs: Comprehensive Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation (CSTAR); or Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR).

The primary function of the certification process is to assess an organization's compliance with standards of care. The review process ensures that providers maintain compliance with applicable state standards and provide quality services that remain consistent with the Department's Mission, Vision and Values. Surveyors are charged with the task of reviewing multiple sources of information to arrive at a global view of the agency, while making recommendations for change as agencies strive for quality services. A key goal of certification is to enhance the quality of care and services with a focus on the needs and outcomes of persons served.

Current standards may be downloaded directly from the Secretary of State’s office website here:

Division 10 - Chapter 5: General Program Procedures

Division 10 - Chapter 7: Core Rules for Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Programs

Division 30 - Chapter 3: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs

Division 30 - Chapter 4: Mental Health Programs

Division 30 - Chapter 6: Certified Community Behavioral Health Organization

You can register to receive notification of rule changes from the Secretary of State's office.

Accredited vs Non-Accredited Agencies

An organization may request certification by completing an application form. The Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health, grants a certificate upon receipt of a completed application to an organization which has attained full accreditation from CARF international, The Joint Commission, or Council on Accreditation under standards for behavioral healthcare that are equivalent to DBH program standards. If your agency is accredited by one of these national accrediting bodies please complete and submit the ‘application for accredited agencies’ along with your agency’s full accreditation report. If you do not have accreditation from one of these national accrediting bodies please complete and submit the ‘application for non-accredited agencies’ along with additional required information and documentation as outlined in the application. You may access the applications by clicking the links below. If you have questions contact (573) 751-4942.

Application Submission Instructions: Please submit your application and required attachments using one of the following two methods:

  1. Complete application, print, and mail to the address below with all required attachments (No staples please).

    Department of Mental Health
    Division of Behavioral Health
    1706 E. Elm St. P.O. Box 687
    Jefferson City, MO 65102

  2. Print out completed application, print required attachments, scan into one PDF document and email the PDF to: Division of Behavioral Health

Note: Agencies with SATOP renewal fees may email their application but must mail their fee to the address above.

Certification Application Resources

Links that assist with writing Policies and Procedures 

Policy and Procedure Checklist

  • Policy- predetermined course of action established as a guide toward accepted objective and strategies of the organization Procedure- methods and ways of carrying out the policy
  • Procedure- methods and ways of carrying out the policy.

Example of how to write a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Links that assist with writing MOUs

Final Certification Application Checklist

How to Expedite the Certification Process