System of Care

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System of Care

A System of Care (SOC) is a group of public and private organizations, providing formal and informal supports, who share core values about how to help support the needs of youth and families.

Core Values of Systems of Care: 

  • Family-driven and youth-guided.
  • Community-based.
  • Culturally and linguistically competent.
How to Start a System of Care
  1. Review System of Care 101 and the Evolution of the System of Care Approach.
  2. If available, connect with a nearby System of Care.
  3. Connect with other organizations serving children and youth who share core values.
  4. Share System of Care 101 with other child-serving organizations.
  5. Set regular meeting dates. 
  6. Identify how families can connect with your SOC.

For more information on setting up a System of Care, please contact JJ Gossrau

System of Care Events

Please send events to JJ Gossrau.

Printable Resources

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Enhanced System of Care Resources: Early Signs and Symptoms of Psychosis

Systems of Care - Community for Early Signs and Symptoms (SOC-CESS) was a grant funded initiative designed for youth and their families. The goal was to utilize early intervention including youth and family psychoeducation, family support providers, youth peer support, clinical interventions, and to make policy changes to better work with youth at risk of psychosis. 

Learn more and review resources.

Additional Resources

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