DMH Better Government

Operational Excellence (OPEX)


Missouri government, including the Department of Mental Health, has embarked on a plan to transform how we do business. Each state agency has committed to providing a state government that is more focused, more efficient, and one that delivers quality services to our citizens.

As a part of our transformation, there are a number of activities and initiatives that have been implemented statewide to help agencies define where they are headed, how they should lead, and how they can improve. By transforming how agencies conduct business, we will become:

  • More transparent about where we are heading and how we are doing;
  • More citizen friendly to serve our fellow citizens as they deserve;
  • More efficient to deliver higher quality services to our consumers;
  • More focused on what we should be doing and scaling back where we should;
  • More accountable to our consumers, our co-workers, and our citizens.

If there are any questions or suggestions regarding DMH Operational Excellence, please contact us at:

For more information on the statewide Better Government practices visit:

DMH Placemat Theme Videos

DMH Placemat Theme: Recovery

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DMH Placemat Theme: Behavior

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DMH Placemat Theme: Independence

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DMH Placemat Theme: Workforce Development

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Operational Excellence Teams

Department Placemat Team
  1. Molly Boeckmann
  2. Lucas Evans
  3. Heike Johns
  4. Melissa Jones
  5. April Maxwell
  6. Angie Stuckenschneider
  7. Kerri Tesreau
  8. Wendy Witcig
  9. David Kingsbury
Department Dashboard Team
  1. Molly Boeckmann
  2. Lucas Evans
  3. Jason Jones
  4. Kateryna Kalugina
  5. Hope Moorhead
  6. Sara Murphy
  7. Bob Reitz
  8. Ida Rosser
  9. Renee Rothermich
  10. Amber Stockreef
  11. Kerri Tesreau
  12. Wendy Witcig
  13. David Kingsbury
Department Continuous Improvement Team
  1. Lucas Evans
  2. Lisa Franz
  3. Becky Hughes
  4. Cla Stearns
  5. Wendy Witcig
DMH Statewide Operational Excellence Advisory Team
  1. Elizabeth Bittick – DD, Southwest Community Services
  2. Cara Bland – DD, Joplin Regional Office
  3. Sarah Conway – DD, St. Louis Regional Office
  4. Wendy Davis – DD, Central Missouri Regional Office
  5. JJ Gossrau – DBH, St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (SLPRC)
  6. Savannah Hampton – DD, Southwest Community
  7. Neil Harms – DD, Central Office
  8. Mark Heinze – DD, Hannibal Office
  9. Misty Hollingsworth – DD, St. Louis Regional Office
  10. Karol Johnson – DBH, Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (NMPRC)
  11. Diana Jones – DBH, SLPRC
  12. Catherine Lane – DD, NWCS
  13. Theresa Leggett – DD, St. Louis Regional Office
  14. Eric Lilly – DBH, Hawthorn
  15. Cory McMahon – DD, Central Office
  16. Alicia Pardee – DBH, Fulton State Hospital
  17. Bradley Peters – DD, St. Louis Regional Office
  18. Carolyn Raynor-McClanahan – DBH, SMMHC
  19. James Reynolds – DBH, NMPRC
  20. Kevin Riley – DBH, Fulton State Hospital
  21. Christopher Roberts – North Central, Investigations Unit
  22. Carmel Seal – DD, Southeast Missouri Residential Services
  23. Amber Stockreef – Children’s Services, Central Office
  24. Kerri Tesreau – DD, Central Office
  25. Marcy Volner – DD, Rolla Satellite Office
  26. Renee Wilde – DBH, Fulton State Hospital
  27. Wendy Witcig – DD, Central Office
  28. Sheila Wunning – DD, St. Louis DDTC