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Operational Excellence drives the "management cycle" with skills, capabilities, mindsets, and processes to deliver performance and organizational health and continuously improves our departments. For more information on the statewide Better Government practices visit: or Show Me Excellence.

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Continue learning about OPEX at DMH in minute or less lessons that are posted bi-weekly.

If there are any questions or suggestions regarding DMH Operational Excellence, please contact us at:

OpEx Advisory Team
  • Elizabeth Bittick - DD Springfield/Joplin Regional Office
  • Molly Boeckmann - Admin Central Office
  • Robin  Bottemiller - DD Kansas City Regional Office
  • Jessica Bounds - DBH Central Office
  • James Busalacki - DBH Central Office
  • Michelle Clark - DO-DOP Central Office
  • Lindsey Curtit - DD St. Louis Regional Office
  • Wendy Davis - DD Central Missouri Regional Office
  • Cierra Distler - DBH Central Office
  • Sandra Dressel - DD Bellefontaine Habilitation Center
  • Rhiannon Evans - DD Central Office
  • JJ Gossrau - DBH St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center
  • Savannah Hampton - DD Southwest Community Services
  • Neil Harms - DD Central Office
  • Mark Heinze - DD Hannibal Satellite Office
  • Heike Johns - DD Central Office
  • Diana Jones - DBH St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center
  • Melissa Jones - DD Central Office
  • George Killian - DBH Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center
  • David Kingsbury - DO-DOP Central Office
  • Catherine Lane - DD Northwest Community Services
  • Julia LePage - DD Central Office
  • Renee Lepper - DBH Fulton State Hospital
  • Mattie Lindsey - DBH St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center
  • Rachel Linneman - DBH St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
  • Brooke Linsenbardt - DD Northwest Community Services
  • Syn McDonald - DD Central Missouri Regional Office
  • Cory McMahon - DD Central Office
  • Donna Mertz - DD Central Office
  • Hope Moorhead - DO-DOP Central Office
  • Brent Murphy - DBH Central Office
  • Sara Murphy - DO-DOP Central Office
  • Kathy Murry - DD Northwest Community Services
  • Jennifer ODay - DD Rolla Regional Office
  • Alicia Pardee - DBH Fulton State Hospital
  • Johanna Pike - DBH Hawthorn Children's Psychiatric Hospital
  • Lisa Porter - DD St. Louis Regional Office
  • Kara Ready - DD Central Office
  • Kevin Riley - DBH Fulton State Hospital
  • Christopher Roberts - DO-DOP Central Office
  • Ida Rosser - DO-DOP Central Office
  • Carmel Seal - DD Southeast Missouri Residential Services
  • Amber Stockreef - DO-DOP Central Office
  • Kerri Tesreau - DO-DOP Central Office
  • Wendy Witcig - DD Central Office
  • Sheila Wunning - DD Central Office
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