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Support Coordination (Case Management) is intended to assist individuals in gaining access to needed supports and services, regardless if these are natural supports, funded, or local community resources. Support Coordination duties include assessing, planning, coordination, and monitoring these supports and services for the individual. This area of the Division website offers information and resources to assist Support Coordinators in this role.

Role of the support coordinator
Planning and ISP development tools and resources
DD funded service information
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Support Coordinator Training

The modules listed below are part of the Support Coordinator Manual Training Series. The modules listed  below are part of the Support Coordinator Manual Training Series.  
Directions for Accessing Modules

The online Support Coordination Training Modules are available to all Targeted Case Management (TCM) agencies. These Support Coordination Manual (SCM) modules meet the training requirements outlined in the TCM Contract

SC Manual Area
Training Title
Philosophy and Values: Missouri Quality Outcomes – Talking Points Series
Learning the Basics—Support Coordination Foundation Series
Admission and Discharge/Intake and Assessment
Self-Directed Services
Support Planning Process
Funding Utilization Review
Medicaid Waiver
Community Living
Legal and Advocacy
TCM Logging

The modules listed below are located on the MODD Content Self-Registration Portal. Directions for registering and using this portal are located on the Division’s Education webpage under Relias Self-Registration Portals. Please note: These modules are located in the MODD Content Self-Registration portal, not the Employment portal.

SC Manual Area
Training Title
How to Make a Due Process Referral: Required Components
MO Abuse/Neglect—Identification, Reporting, Prevention

UR Budget


Monitoring supports and services
Directives, Regulations, and Guidelines