Sep 28

DDD and You: An Introduction to the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) for Individuals and Families

12:30 pm

This lunch and learn 30-minute webinar will focus on providing an overview of the Division of Developmental Disabilities and navigating through the various webpages for information and resources, including how to sign up for services.

  • Lisa Nothaus, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Supporting Families Lead
  • Matt Waggoner, Information Specialist Lead
Target Audience: Individuals, Families, and all other interested individuals
Sep 30

Expedited Utilization Review (UR) Guidance Question/Answer Session

1:00 pm

Join Neil Harms, Director of Utilization and Review, for an Expedited UR Guidance question and answer session. Updated monitoring guidance is available for review at: https://dmh.mo.gov/media/pdf/resume-expedited-ur.  


  • Neil Harms, Director of Utilization Review
Target Audience: Providers, Support Coordinators, and all other interested individuals
Oct 07

ADT Pilot Project Training

2:00 pm

This training will provide an overview of the Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) Pilot project. The ADT pilot is geared at establishing a framework to better address discharge planning using a problem solving structure and identified hospital/ER visit information from the ADT Reporting system

  • Lucas Evans, Chief Behavior Analyst for Community Supports
  • Rita Cooper, Western Region Behavior Analyst
  • Melantha Witherspoon, Eastern Region Behavior Analyst
  • Kay Hamblin, Intensive Systems Consultant
  • Rod Keown, Intensive Systems Consultant
Target Audience: DMH RO Support Coordinator Supervisors and Support Coordinators