Value Based Payments (VBP)

The Division has established a priority of coordinating quality care and funding strategies for supports that improve individual outcomes and reward those who facilitate quality outcomes.  Please submit VBP questions to:


DMH-DD VBP Stakeholder Annual Update: Year 3 in Review 09/18/23

MARF July 26, 2022

MARF VBP Workgroup & VBP Ad Hoc Committee


VBP Incentive Table 

Value Based Payment Contract Amendment - This contract amendment includes the new value based payment incentives, effective beginning State Fiscal Year 2023.  This amendment must be signed and returned to to receive payment for any approved VBP payments.

Value Based Payment Second Contract Amendment - This contract amendment includes the two HRST RN Rater incentives for State Fiscal Year 2024 and changes the due date for the NCI Staff Stability incentive from April 30 to June 30.  This amendment must be signed and returned  to to receive payment for the HRST RN Rater incentives and/or the NCI Staff Stability incentive.

VBP REDCap Data Reporting Elements

VBP SFY24 Questions and Responses

VBP CIMOR Report Access Instructions

DSP Training Level

Health Risk Screening

Tiered Supports

Certified Direct Support Professional (CDSP) Registered Apprenticeship

Employment Pay for Reporting

Remote Support

Data Collection and REDCap Training
Archived Documents

What is VBP? Mental Health Commission Presentation 1/9/23

VBP Questions and Responses - VBP questions and responses for State Fiscal Year 2023