Tier 1

  • The Tier 1 Readiness Checklist identifies key components for agencies considering Tiered Supports implementation. 
  • The ASSET provides insight into whether essential systems are in place to ensure everyone has a good quality of life, including staff and the people they assist.
  • The Levels of Implementation by Benchmark assessment includes a survey and analysis of all of the agency’s Tiered Supports data in order to determine the current level of implementation of core elements of Tier One Supports.
  • Tier One Implementation Assessment Guide aligns the features of the assessment, the documents and data requested to demonstrate implementation, and the level of implementation questions the DMH reviewer with answer about the submitted implementation evidence to determine the level of implementation
  • Tiered Supports Coaches conduct ongoing observations to help assess whether these systems are improving, sustaining, and to provide onsite support.
Data Analysis
  • Tiered Supports Consultants work with organizations to collect, analyze, and share important information like behavioral incidents, performance measures, staff turnover, observational data, and more.
  • Tiered Supports Consultants work with you to gather and analyze important information like behavioral incidents, performance measures, staff turnover, observational data, and more.
  • Integrity data is examined to measure whether we are effectively doing what we say we are and whether the desired impact is achieved.
  • Missouri Tiered Supports Agencies share these various data points with consultants monthly to demonstrate implementation fidelity and guide the consultative process. Learn more about the data sharing expectations here.

Organizations start by building implementation teams representative of their stakeholders, including supported people, their advocates, direct support professionals, leadership, and administration.

Want more information?

Positive Supports Consultants are available to support teams as they begin their implementation or work to enhance current practices. Contact the atscsteeringcommittee@dmh.mo.gov to learn more about available resources.

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  • Tiered Supports Consultants meet with Tiered Agencies regularly to review data and action plans to assess progress and collaboratively problem-solve next steps toward successful implementation and sustainability of universal strategies. Contact your local Tiered Supports representative to schedule your very own meeting.