Division of Developmental Disabilities Guidelines

Guidance on various topics from the Division of DD Directors Office.

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Division of Developmental Disabilities Directives (Division Directives)

Instructions for DD employees and contracted TCM entities, when applicable. Directives must be in compliance with Missouri Revised Statutes, Code of State Regulations and Department Operating Regulations. For example, 3.020 - Service Monitoring and Service Monitoring Guide.

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Division of Developmental Disabilities Provider Bulletins

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Division of Developmental Disabilities Memos
Department of Mental Health Operating Regulations (DORS)

These are regulations for all divisions of the Department of Mental Health and must comply with the Code of State Regulations. The DORs apply to state-operated facilities and programs. For example, DOR 2.205 is Abuse and Neglect Definitions, Investigation Procedures and Penalties in State Operated Facilities.

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Code of State Regulations (CSR)

Regulations that accompany the established laws as set out in RSMo. In Missouri there are 22 Titles under the CSR and Department of Mental Health is Title 9. The CSR has more detail governing how the laws are implemented and requirements that must be met by the Division and providers.

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Missouri Revised Statutes - (RSMo)

Established laws that are the basis for regulations. (For example, RSMo 630 denotes the chapter governing the Department of Mental Health; RSMo 633 denotes the chapter governing the Division of Developmental Disabilities.)

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Drafts for Public Comment

  • There are no guidelines open for comment at this time.
  • There are no directives open for comment at this time.  


Provider Bulletins 
  • There are no provider bulletins open for comment at this time.
  • There are no regulations open for comment at this time.  


Waiver Amendments and Renewals
  • A 30 day Formal Comment Period is now open for the Missouri Children with Developmental Disabilities (MOCDD) and Partnership for Hope (PFH) Waiver renewal applications, the Comprehensive and Community Support Waiver amendment applications to align with the renewals. MO HealthNet will accept written public comments until the end of the business day February 26, 2023. To view the associated waiver documents and to learn how to submit comments, visit MHD's Alerts and Public Notice page.
  • There are no manuals open for comment

The Provider POS Contract is open for comment.  Please submit comments to no later than January 31, 2022.  The Division is holding a webinar to inform service providers and other stakeholders on the proposed changes to the Provider POS Contract which renews July 1, 2022. Participants will have the opportunity to submit comments and questions during the webinar. These will be included with the questions received via public comment.