Positive Supports

Positive supports are approaches that offer respectful, supportive, and effective ways to help people increase quality of life and decrease challenging behavior. Positive supports are used to build on a person's successes, strengths, and desires with strategies to teach new skills and change a person's environment and do not include the use of punishment.

The goal of the three categories of positive supports (Behavioral Supports and Services, Tiered Supports and MOADD) is to assist the individual, family and providers to improve quality of life and address problem situations that have a negative impact on quality of life by:

  • Promoting community participation, person-centeredness and inclusion in the most integrated setting
  • Focusing on creating high-quality environments
  • Ensuring collaborative development of positive support strategies
  • Increasing skills and self-determination of people who receive services
  • Ensuring people are free from humiliating and demeaning procedures
  • Eliminating the use of aversive and deprivation procedures
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services Photo Button

Therapeutic interventions from the science of applied behavior analysis. These are designed by licensed individuals, for the improvement of specific behaviors.
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A process of technical assistance and coaching for agencies to develop systems, practices and data for the implementation of strategies that lead to improved quality of life for individuals served.
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An alliance of professionals (state and private) working toward the development and implementation of best practices to support individuals with IDD and BH needs.