Positive Supports

DMH Placemat Theme: Behavior

Video Transcript

Positive supports are approaches that offer respectful and effective ways to help individuals, families, and organizations increase quality of life and prevent or reduce behavioral risk. Positive supports teach and help to sustain skills and change environments without the use of punishment by:

  • Promoting community participation, person-centeredness, and inclusion in the most integrated setting
  • Creating high-quality environments
  • Developing highly skilled caregivers
  • Ensuring collaborative development of positive support strategies
  • Increasing skills and self-determination of people who receive services
  • Ensuring people are free from humiliating and demeaning procedures
  • Eliminating the use of aversive procedures

Coming Soon-Tools of Choice

A competency based curriculum focused on building skills that help people create healthy relationships and keep families together.

Coming Soon-Outreach

Initiatives to disseminate the science, application, and impact of Positive Supports to wider audiences both inside the state of Missouri and across the nation.

Coming soon - Data Analytics

Transparent data that inform initiatives and report on the impact of Positive Supports at State and regional-level.