The Division of Developmental Disabilities serves individuals with a variety of diagnoses including intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy, brain injury, seizure disorders and other conditions that result in multiple and serious impairments in functioning.  The term “developmental” refers to conditions that result in those serious functional impairments during childhood (age 21 or younger for most conditions, or age 18 or younger for those with an intellectual disability).  While individuals older than 21 can apply and be found eligible for Division services, there must be a record of the functional impairment at age 21 or before.

Intake staff at our Regional and Satellite offices review medical, school, psychological or other records to find documentation of those conditions and limitations.  Often, Regional office staff will conduct an assessment if a recent evaluation of functional ability is not available. All of that information is used to determine if the individual meets the legal and regulatory requirements of the Division.  If you are interested in talking to someone about Division eligibility, please follow this link to find contact information for your local office.

Specific eligibility requirements can be found here.