Missouri Children's Developmental Disabilities Waiver

The Missouri Children's with Developmental Disabilities (MOCDD) Waiver is a Medicaid waiver administered by the Division of DD since October 1, 1995. MO HealthNet (Medicaid) guidelines require parental income and resources to be considered in determining a child’s financial eligibility for MO HealthNet when the child lives at home with the parents. This requirement, called deeming parental income to the child, is waived for children who participate in the MOCDD Waiver.

This waiver provides participants eligibility for all State plan Medicaid services in addition to waiver services. To be eligible for this waiver, the child must: meet the requirements as outlined in the MOCDD Waiver Eligibility Requirement document.

The MOCDD waiver serves no more than 366 participants and remains below the cost of an ICF/ID facility.