Promoting Employment

The Division of Developmental Disabilities is committed to supporting all individuals with having the opportunity to seek competitive employment and being a part of their community’s workforce. To affirm our commitment, an Employment First Policy guides our expectations with supporting self-determination, independence and community membership.

Supporting individuals with their career pathways is important for many reasons:

  • Physical Health - Research has shown employment leads to a longer lifespan.
  • Mental Wellness –Performing activities that bring value to others brings value to ourselves and fosters connectedness with our community. These social connections provide us greater social capital, expanded friendships and increased self-confidence.
  • Financial Stability – Individuals with disabilities are one of the highest subsets of our population who live in poverty. Employment provides income and expanded opportunities for financial security.
  • Diversity in Our Workplace – Businesses universally support the value of their workplaces being reflective of all individuals in their community.