DMH Level 1 Medication Aide

Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) Level 1 Medication Aide Certification

Level 1 Medication Aide (L1MA) Certification prepares staff to pass medications in residential settings and facilities that provide care for individuals receiving Developmental Disabilities services.

The curriculum takes a minimum of 16 hours to complete and includes:

Contact Information

Department of Mental Health
Attention: L1MA 
1706 East Elm Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone: 573-526-6720


  • resident’s rights
    • Infection control
  • common medical terminology
  • medication
    •  administration
    • techniques
    • classification
    • indications
    • expected effects
    • side effects
    • storage
    • disposal
    • reference resources
    • medication administration records/MARS
    • reading 
    • taking telephone orders


Department of Mental Health (DMH) Medication Aide Regulations

Individuals who administer medications or supervise self-administration of medications in any residential setting or day program funded, licensed or certified by the Department of Mental Health to provide services to persons who are developmentally disabled, are required to be either a physician, a licensed nurse, a certified medication technician, a certified medication employee, a level I medication aide or Department of Mental Health medication aide. The provisions of the rule do not apply to family-living arrangements unless they are receiving reimbursement through the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver for persons with developmental disabilities. This rule sets forth the requirements for approval of a Medication Aide Training Program designating the required course curriculum content, outlining the qualifications required of students and instructors, designating approved training facilities and outlining the testing and certification requirements.

9 CSR 45-3.070 Certification of Medication Aides Serving Persons with Developmental Disabilities 

Approved Manuals

Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) Approved L1MA Manuals

Title: Level I Medication Aide
(50-6064-S) Student 1993 Edition
Ordering info through - Assessment Resource Center
800-366-8232 or 573-882-4694

Title: Level I Medication Aide
(50-6064-I) Instructor 1993 Edition
Ordering info through - Assessment Resource Center
800-366-8232 or 573-882-4694


To become a Certified Level 1 Medication Aid instructor you will need to attend the Train the Trainer course offered by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).  Send the certificate of completion, a proof of a valid nurses license, and request orientation to  A DMH instructor certificate will be issued upon completion and the instructor's name will be entered into the database.

DHSS train-the-trainer options: Trainers | CNA, CMT and Insulin Registry | Health & Senior Services (

Teaching L1MA:

Biennial Update Information

Level 1 Medication Aides shall participate in a minimum of four (4) hours of medication administration training every two (2) years in order to administer medications in any residential setting or day program funded by the Department of Mental Health. 

The training shall be:

Two-Year Update Training Manual

Level I Medication Aide instructors are responsible to ensure that the department is provided with copies of the completed Level I Medication Aide Biennial Training forms documenting completion of the required biennial training by the anniversary date of the initial Level I Medication Aide certificate.   

Inactive/Expired Status Information

To remain certified you must complete a 4 hour recertification course every 2 years, remain in good standing and not be placed on the DMH disqualification list.      

L1MA’s will have to repeat the full 16 hour course if they have gone past 5 years since either initial certification without a 2 year update or have gone past 5 years since their last 2 year update. 

DHSS Information

Department of Health and Senior Services Health Education Unit
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Phone: 573-526-5686. 

Email documents to:

DHSS L1MA Web Page

DHSS Level 1 Medication Aide Biennial Update Form

L1MA Challenge

Request and criteria to challenge the Certified L1MA test:

State regulation 19 CSR 30-84.030 (7) (C) allows for individuals, who meet one or more of the following state regulation requirements, to challenge the Level 1 Medication Course after submitting the required documentation.

Criteria to challenge the test without attending a full 16 hour course:

  • Employable individuals who have successfully completed a pharmacology course such as pharmacy or nursing students, physician’s assistants, or paramedics and can provide a copy of their transcript, may qualify as a medication aide by successfully challenging the final examination which consists of a written exam and a skills practicum.


  • Employable individuals who can produce evidence of successful completion of a sixteen (16) or more hour medication course may be eligible to challenge the exam and practicum.

If qualified, submit the DMH Form Request to

If approved the applicant needs to present their written approval to a L1MA instructor for arrangements to challenge the test.

The written exam must be passed with an 80% or higher and the practicum exam must be passed with a 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Level 1 Med Aide Frequently Asked Questions