SNAP Benefits Assistance

April 16, 2020
Submitted by: Eitas

Prior to the stay at home order, I provided assistance to an individual who needed to apply for food stamps. In order to receive a decision, he had to participate in his phone interview. This involved us calling the DSS toll free number and getting through all the prompts and actually talking to a representative. With the huge influx of calls this was an extremely challenging task. We both tried several times over a period of time. Finally, I was able to get through the prompts and be placed on hold. I was then able to add the individual to the call and he successfully completed his interview and his food stamps card has arrived. This was critical for him because his source of food in the past has been his family who live out of state and they were experiencing an income short fall themselves, not to mention the increased challenge of getting food from Instacart. The food stamps will be a big help to him.