Glore Psychiatric Museum

Glore Museum Building Image

The Glore Psychiatric Museum, part of St. Joseph Museums, Inc., houses an extensive collection that chronicles the early history of psychiatric treatment through a series of dioramas, models, and reproductions. It also explains the more than 130 year history of St. Joseph State Hospital (now NMPRC). The museum has been featured in many documentaries and television shows, including Ripley's Believe it Or Not. The museum attracts thousands of visitors every year. The museum is named after George Glore, a long time state employee who devoted many years to developing the collections. The museum is housed in what was formerly the medical unit of St. Joseph State Hospital.

Call the museum at (816) 232-8471 for more information.

Stomach Contents Image

To the Left, one of the museum's exhibits: 1446 items removed from patient's stomach in 1929.