Applying for MO HealthNet (Medicaid)

Missouri uses a single application form to apply for Medicaid, which can be found on the Missouri Department of Social Services website here

There is a Supplemental Form which must be completed if the applicant is: 

  • age 65 or older
  • blind or disabled
  • receiving Social Security
  • living in a medical or nursing facility
  • receiving Medicare or VA healthcare

For individuals who are seeking Medicaid based on disability or blindness, the MRT Packet must also be completed. That paperwork can be found under the MRT Forms section of the Disability Determinations page on our website. 

Helpful links for DMH Agencies and Providers: 

Disabled Application Flow Chart
Please review this flow chart if you will be assisting a DMH consumer with the application process.

DMH Coversheet for MO HealthNet
Fill this out as completely as possible - fill in all blanks, check all applicable boxes. In order for the application to be processed as quickly as possible it is important to include medical records with the application or within two weeks. Most useful in establishing disability is the most recent psychosocial evaluation signed or cosigned by a psychiatrist or licensed clinical psychologist, and if this is not available the IM-60A (linked on the DMH RUSH coversheet) signed by a psychologist or licensed clinical psychiatrist who has seen the client in the past year.

All MO HealthNet applications
Information about the different types of Medicaid and their eligibility factors can be found here.

MO HealthNet Income/Asset Limits for the Elderly, Blind and Disabled
Guidelines for the income and asset (resource) limits for the MO HealthNet for the Disabled program.

MO HealthNet Eligibility Requirements
This document shows the eligibility requirements for the different MO HealthNet programs.

MO HealthNet Family Healthcare Programs

MO HealthNet Income Guidelines for Kids, Families, and Pregnant Women

MO HealthNet for Kids--CHIP Premium Chart

06/11/2018 Medicaid Application Process Webinar

DMH DD Guideline #32 Coversheet
Please review Guideline #32 here.