At the present time, the programs at FTC include the following:

  • Competency Restoration – for individuals who require psychiatric stabilization and treatment to participate competently in the criminal proceedings against them.

  • Social Learning – for individuals with the most profound deficits associated with severe and persistent mental illness and often lengthy institutionalization.

  • Illness Management and Recovery – for individuals whose response to treatment suggests a high potential for semi-independent or independent living in the community, once otherwise determined to be appropriate for release.

  • Risk-Need-Responsivity Program – for individuals whose readiness for release is compromised by criminal thinking patterns and behaviors.

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy/Positive Behavior Support – for a heterogeneous client population, including: (a) individuals with severe emotional dysregulation disorders; and (b) individuals with Intellectual Deficit Disorders in need of positive behavioral support strategies.

  • Deaf Services – for clients who are deaf and whose response to treatment is greatly enhanced through the provision of a culturally affirmative program specifically designed for deaf individuals.