St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center

The St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center (FTC) is a state funded 230 bed forensic inpatient treatment psychiatric facility operated by the Missouri Department of Mental Health’s (DMH) Division of Behavioral Health (DBH).  Prior to November of 2020, the FTC was known as St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, but changed its name due to the acquisition of 50 inpatient beds operated by the Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center on December 1st, 2020.

The staff at FTC provide an array of mental health services to a population primarily comprised of adults 18 years and older who have been committed to the Department of Mental Health by a criminal court under the mental health provisions of Chapter 552 of the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri (RSMo) either for Competency Restoration, or upon an adjudication of Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect (commonly known as NGRI), or upon a finding of Permanent Incompetence to Stand Trial (commonly known as PIST). 

In addition, FTC conducts pretrial evaluations on an outpatient basis upon a court order to assess for competence to stand trial and/or criminal responsibility.  Finally, the FTC serves a smaller residual cohort of adults with se­vere and persistent mental illness, whose admission status is voluntary by guardian (VBG), but who are extremely treatment refractory.

The FTC is comprised of two campuses, one a 180 bed site located in the South City, and the other a 50 bed site located in the North City, also known as Forensic Treatment Center South (FTC-S), and Forensic Treatment Center North (FTC-N), respectively.  The FTC-N location provides inpatient competency restoration and outpatient forensic evaluation.  The FTC-S location provides inpatient services for the NGRI, PIST, and VBG populations.  Clients admitted require intensive treatment, a medication regimen, and psychosocial rehabilitation services either to be restored to competence, or to achieve the psychiatric stability and relapse prevention plan necessary for discharge from hospital-based care and for safe and successful reintegration into the community.  In addition, those who have been adjudicated as NGRI can only be released by meeting specific legal standards as approved by a judge. 

  St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center – North

5351 Delmar Boulevard 

St. Louis, Missouri 63112
      St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center – South

5300 Arsenal Street

St. Louis, Missouri 63139
Photo of St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center - North

Photo of St. Louis Forensic Treatment Center - South