Assistive Technology Services

What is Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is any device or technology that helps a person with a disability to live as independently as possible. Assistive technology includes simple low-tech products such as a visual aid or a reaching device. It also includes electronic devices and systems such as automatic door openers, medication dispensing devices, home automation systems, visual doorbells, touch-screen communication devices, cell phone applications, and many more products and systems.

Remote supports are a type of assistive technology that uses an electronic system to support a person in their home or community. Remote support systems use sensors or webcams in the person’s home to detect a person’s movement, alert remote staff to intruders or concerns in the home, and track health indicators while providing access to remote staff through phone or computer. Remote supports also include GPS systems that can help a person navigate the community while providing emergency assistance if needed.

Assistive Technology services cover the cost of leasing or purchasing the equipment as well as on-going service costs. Assistive Technology services also cover consultation to evaluate a person’s assistive technology needs and technical support in use of the equipment.

How do I know if Assistive Technology is for me?

Assistive Technology might be right for you if you are interested in becoming more independent, spending time alone in your home with access to remote staff, finding a way to electronically control your home or access your community with more ease, are needing a way to track your medical support needs or to learn to take your medications by yourself.

Who can provide Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology services are provided by a network of providers which contract with the Division of Developmental Disabilities. Some providers specialize in different types of technology such as medication systems, applications for smart devices or remote supports.

Where can I find an Assistive Technology provider?
How do I request Assistive Technology services?

The Division of Developmental Disabilities has made Technology First a priority and wants to ensure that all individuals are afforded the opportunity to increase their independence through the use of technology.

These services are requested through a Support Coordinator and are required to be addressed at least annually during your person-centered planning meeting. Your person-centered plan is a live document, intended to change as your needs change. You do not have to wait for your formal person-centered planning meeting to talk to your Support Coordinator about requesting services.

Supportive Technology Planning ISP Questions

To request an Enabling Technology Consultation please contact your DMH-DD Support Coordinator or send an email to