Supporting Families

There is an integral link between self-determination and supporting families. Understanding the link between self-determination and supporting families is critical if we are to move forward in our vision that individuals truly have control over their own lives.

Principles of Supporting Families:

  • Honor a family’s expertise and their right to make choices that they know to be in their own best interest.
  • Respect and accept a family’s values that are based on personal preferences, cultural beliefs, and life-ways
  • Support individual and family relationships that are safe and stable and long lasting.
  • Focus on the entire family as it is defined by the family.
  • Promote flexible service and funding supporting individual and family control over who, what, when, where, and how supports are provided.
  • Affirm lifespan planning and self-determination that encourages decision-making and planning for independence beginning within the family when children are young, following the individual throughout their life and including aging issues.
  • Assure partnerships which actively include individuals and families in planning, development, implementation and evaluation of polices, practices, and personal programs.
  • Practice open communication promoting a clear understanding of all aspects of systems policy, procedure, practice and all other information regarding them.
  • Recognize the importance of the community where individuals and families belong and realize their full potential.