MO Quality Outcomes

By listening to people with disabilities, their families, and advocates, the Missouri Quality Outcomes were created. The Outcomes encourage people with disabilities to lead a self-determined life. Each person should define what quality of life means to them. This may include personal values, choice, health, safety, inclusion and self-advocacy.

The Missouri Quality Outcomes can support discussion around what is important to the person.  The focus should be on how the person defines quality of life.  To learn about their quality of life, it is important to interact with the person and their support systems. What are the person's goals, dreams, and areas of interest? In what settings and situations is the person typically supported?

The Missouri Quality Outcomes are measured every year through Quality of Services Reviews (QSRs).  During the QSR process, each Outcome is reviewed with the person and their support team.  If there is a finding tied to a specific outcome, the team (usually led by the person) talks about the finding and what needs to happen to better support the person. In addition, the Division uses QSR data to enhance services and supports.

Missouri Quality Outcomes
Quality of Services Review