Employment Services

What are Employment Services?

Many individuals find traditional methods of searching for a job difficult and ineffective. Balancing the skills, talents and interests of an individual with a well suited workplace can be challenging. Utilizing national best practices, the Division of Developmental Disabilities has an array of services and supports available to recipients of Medicaid Waiver services. Through a network of community service providers who are staffed by trained employment support professionals, support is available throughout one’s career pathway.

Career Planning - Assistance in identifying an individual’s talents, skills, abilities, interests and needs for achieving integrated employment. A component of this service is benefits planning to assist with balancing earned income with health and Social Security benefits.

Prevocational Services - Soft skills training and work experiences intended to teach personal skills necessary to prepare for employment.

Job Development - Assistance with business outreach and finding the right employer match for an individual’s unique interests and preferences.

Supported Employment - Services provided at a job site to support workplace relationships and job performance.

Who can provide Employment Services?

Employment services are provided by a network of community organizations which contract with the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

These organizations are either nationally accredited, licensed or certified by the State of Missouri. These professionals are required to complete 14 hours of training specific to national best practices, receive 6 hours of mentoring in the delivery of services and participate in annual professional development training.

Where can I find Employment Service providers?

Employment service providers are located throughout the State of Missouri. To learn about specific options, please choose the map below for your community.

Maps of Employment Service Providers

What if I cannot find a service provider in my area?

Each county in Missouri has at least one employment service provider. However, there may be times when a provider is not accepting new referrals. In these circumstances, speak with your Support Coordinator about possible solutions or support with finding an alternative option.

How do I request Employment Services?

The Division of Developmental Disabilities has made employment a priority, and wants to ensure that all individuals are afforded the option to seek competitive integrated employment in the community.

These services are requested through a Support Coordinator and are required to be addressed at least annually during your person-centered planning meeting. The following screening tool can help you identify if employment services are right for you.

Employment Exploratory Questions