Station MD

May 12, 2020
Submitted by: CDD

I have to keep pushing the positive impact Station MD has on our individuals. Today at 10:30 am a staff called Station MD about an individual whom she felt needed to be assessed for blood pressure medication. Our staff informed Station MD that her blood pressure was high and she was not currently on b/p medication but she had been trying since last week to get the woman’s primary doctor to prescribe something. The primary doctor informed the staff that she couldn’t prescribe anything without first seeing the individual (understandable). However, she did not explain to the DSP that a televist could be scheduled, nor did she offer to get an in-person visit scheduled. When Station MD was called at 10:30 they scheduled the visit with the primary doctor for 11:45 this morning; an hour and 15 minutes later. The woman was prescribed the medication that our DSP had told the primary doctor was needed last week.