Facebook Lives

May 13, 2020
Submitted by: Emmaus Homes

Over 275 adults with developmental disabilities are supported by Emmaus. While they shelter-in-place, a large community of volunteers made it possible to experience meaningful activities from home. The Emmaus Homes facebook page hosts a live video every day at 11 am. There have been many talents showcased such as exercise, church, video games, bingo, charades, live music and concerts, gardening, crafts and even a live tour from France! Many of these live events have been hosted by volunteers, but even clients of Emmaus have joined the fun. This week we have a party being hosted by a home we support. One client hosted a guessing game of "What's in the Box" and screened guesses coming in from comments. More have hosted live cooking shows. There are clients that have added hosting a facebook live video into their ISP for future goals.