Central Missouri Autism Program

Central Missouri Autism Project Map

The Central Missouri Autism Program (CMAP) operates on a shared-unit model, serves individuals in 49 counties throughout central and northeastern Missouri, and includes the Central Missouri Autism Project and the Northeast Autism Outreach Initiative. Individuals are served through the Kirksville, Hannibal, Rolla, and Central Missouri regional offices. In order to be eligible for Autism Project services, individuals must be eligible to receive services from the Division of Developmental Disabilities and have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. The Division requires documentation of a formal diagnosis for verification during the intake process.

  • Under the Central Missouri Autism Project, the Department of Mental Health contracts with a single entity to provide authorized autism project services throughout the 49 county region. Based on recommendations from the Central Parent Advisory Council, Easterseals Midwest is the sole provider contracted to provide Autism Project services.
  • Under the Northeast Autism Outreach Initiative, funding was awarded to Judevine Center for Autism to provide authorized autism services to individuals served through the Hannibal and Kirksville satellite offices as well as to individuals in Chariton and Randolph counties.