Research Experiences

Residents have the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects. Residents are required to complete two medication use evaluations as administrative projects and one research project. The resident is required develop a research proposal, obtain IRB approval when necessary, implement the project, and publish results (when possible) in paper, abstract, or poster form. The resident will submit their research project as a poster at the American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists (AAPP) meeting and present results to the facility at Grand Rounds. For residents that are interested, additional opportunities to publish case reports and review articles are available.

Recent Resident Research Projects

  • Understanding Adverse Drug Reactions: The Impact of Prescriber and Nurse Education at a State Psychiatric Hospital
  • Factors associated with COVID-19 vaccine acceptance for patients in an inpatient forensic psychiatric hospital
  • Barriers to treatment with psychiatric medications among people who are incarcerated
  • Publication Rates of PGY-2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency Projects and Perceived Barriers/values to Publication
  • Adverse Effects of Combination Antipsychotic Therapy in a Forensic Patient Population
  • Gabapentin: Utilization Evaluation at Mental Health Facilities
  • A Systematic Review of the Understandability, Actionability, and Quality of Online Resources for the Self-Management of Bipolar Disorder
  • Antipsychotic factors related to time to competency for forensic inpatients in a state psychiatric facility
  • The Effects of Concurrent Oral Antipsychotic Use with Paliperidone Long-Acting Injection
  • Identifying Predictors of Primary Adherence to Second Generation Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics Following Discharge from an Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
  • Quantification of intra-individual variations in plasma clozapine levels during stable drug-therapy
  • Testing of CYP2D6 Genotype – A Retrospective Review of the Impact on Psychotropic Prescribing in a State Psychiatric Facility
  • Factors Associated with 30-day Readmissions for Patients with a Schizophrenia Spectrum or Other Psychotic Disorder Diagnosis After Discharge from an Acute Care Psychiatric Facility
  • Clinical Utilization of Plasma Insulin Levels in Forensic Inpatient Psychiatric Practice