Committees and Meetings

Weekly Psychopharmacology Panel: For patients that are Incompetent to Stand Trail (IST), this panel discusses and provides treatment recommendations. The purpose of this panel is to make sure all possible treatment options have been tried or considered before referring patients to the DMH Psychopharmacology Panel. This panel decreases the number of patients referred to the DMH Psychopharmacology Panel, which allows for more urgent patient cases to be discussed. Members of this panel include psychiatrists, psychiatry residents, pharmacists, and pharmacy residents.

Biweekly Competency Meeting: Discuss all IST patients and treatment options with a multidisciplinary team.

Biweekly Department of Mental Health (DMH) Psychopharmacology Panel: The purpose of this state panel is to discuss difficult patient cases and provide treatment recommendations for all patients in Missouri DMH facilities. In addition, before any patient is found Permanently Incompetent to Stand Trial (PIST) they are referred to this panel to make sure all possible treatment options have been tried and/or considered.

Quarterly P&T Committee: The resident will be expected to actively participate in this committee by providing and reporting medication use evaluations, formulary reviews, drug monographs, research project updates, and other projects requested by the committee.