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Policy Memos and Guidance Documents

ACT reimbursement information:

Addressing Physical Health Needs of ACT Clients - replaces previous ACT and Healthcare Home memo

ACT Staff Qualification Guide

Clinical Implications for Use of Telehealth and Audio Services for ACT, ACT/TAY, and Specialized ACT Teams

Tools and Forms

The ACT admission criteria form has been revised to reflect system changes to ICD 10. A crosswalk document now accompanies the form.

Quarterly Report Form
Quarterly Report Form - directions and definitions
Quarterly Report Form - Q & A


Learn more about the Tool for Measurement of ACT (TMACT) – a contemporary evaluation tool used to assess how well a program is implementing critical elements of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT).

Pre-Treatment Planning

Peer Specialist Role in Treatment Planning

Planning for Graduation

ACT, First Episode Psychosis & Transition Aged Youth

ACT TAY Proposal and Budget Template

Voices of Recovery Video Series – Center for Practice Innovations’ Consumer and Family Portal includes a series of 24 vignettes of consumer and family members sharing inspirational and informative recovery stories focusing on a variety of topics.

Early Intervention in Psychosis - Welcome to the NASMHPD Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) virtual resource center, made possible through the generous support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

Optimizing First Episode Schizophrenia Medication Treatment Using the RAISE-ETP (NAVIGATE) Model, Parts 1, 2 and 3 with Dr. Delbert Robinson

Dr. Mueser presents on diagnostic issues for individual experiencing first episode psychosis - 50 minute audio recording (be patient - it takes a bit to buffer)

Link to Coordinated Specialty Care webpage

Navigate Orientation

Links to Navigate manuals

Peer Involvement and Leadership in Early Intervention in Psychosis Services: From Planning to Peer Support and Evaluation

Link to Department of Mental Health Employment Services webpage

RTC Pathways to Positive Futures website

Pathways Transition Training Modules

Focal Point: Early Psychosis Intervention publication

Supported Employment and Youth

How People with Psychiatric Disabilities Can Make the Most Out of Their College Experience

WRAP for Work


Describing Yourself - Here is the list of personal qualities that you can use to help a person begin to identify some of their own strengths related to employment. You can give it to people and ask them to fill it out or fill it out together, either way it is important to discuss each of the things that people choose for themselves. You can also ask people which of these others might circle about them or share your own observations about some of these qualities that you see in the person that they do not recognize in themselves.

Evidence Based Practice Toolkits
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