APS Treatment Services include: TruThought/Cognitive Behavioral Program, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, Social Learning Program, and New Outlook. These Programs incorporate an interdisciplinary treatment team approach combined with patient education modules, work therapy programs, interactive computer lab, and various physical health emphasis such as a fitness center, half-court gym, etc. Programs also include: Psychoeducational and Life Skills groups that address mental health needs such as coping, stress and anger management, interpersonal relationships, relaxation skills, etc.; Health and Medication Educational groups; Leisure Education and Skills; Substance Abuse Treatment; Vocational and Pre-vocational services, including work therapy for persons with a lengthy hospitalization; Individual and Group Psychotherapies; Specific forensic treatment curricula. Clients receive the newest medications available on the market.

Weight Equipment Image

Fitness / Recreation

The Fitness Center is located on the second floor of the Danny Staples Building. Equipment includes Nautilus machines, treadmills, bikes, and weights. A doctor's consent followed by orientation and baseline assessment on fitness level are required to use the center.

Recreation Center

Rec Room Image with pool tables

A Recreation Center is located on the first floor of the Danny Staples Building, with a pool table and television available.

Gym showing Basketball Court

A half-court gym is also located on the first floor.

The Fitness Center and gym are also available for staff use.




Discharge Planning

Discharge planning begins at the time of admission. When it is determined that a client has received maximum benefit from treatment, s/he will be discharged. At that time a treatment team member will meet with family to discuss plans for helping the client to make as smooth an adjustment as possible to home and community.


Anyone with concerns regarding the services we provide should contact facility management at 573-218-6704. You may also choose to contact the Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring at 1-800-994-6610.