Treatment Services

TruThought/Cognitive Behavioral Program

This program is designed to assist patients with personality disorders in developing adaptive and pro-social thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so they can safely and successfully return to the community. The program focuses on cognitive restructuring, skills training, problem solving, substance abuse treatment, relapse prevention, work skills training, and leisure skills training.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

The purpose is to assist patients in developing goals, establishing a plan to fulfill those goals, and acquiring skills necessary for their eventual return to the community. Assistance is given to the clients in learning the necessary skills of decision-making and later creating personal and meaningful goals. Once ready, an Overall Rehabilitation Goal is developed and staff and patients work together to determine what skills are needed to reach the goals. Together they develop and initiate a plan through which necessary skills will be learned.

Social Learning Program

The Social Learning Program is an empirically-supported comprehensive psychosocial rehabilitation program designed to treat those individuals with the most severe and persistent mental disorders. The majority of consumers in the SLP have primary diagnoses in the schizophrenia spectrum.

New Outlook Program

The New Outlook Program treats people who experience severe mood dysregulation and people who exhibit challenging behavior. Many of the people in this program also have intellectual disabilities. The goals are to teach people to recognize the relationship between their thoughts, moods, and behaviors; to understand the function of a person's challenging behavior; and to teach new skills that will encourage future self-management. A person-centered planning approach is used to engage consumers in formulating a treatment and rehabilitation plan that best meets the needs. Major treatment components include Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Positive Behavior Support, in addition to psychiatric medications and psycho educational interventions.