Organization and Personnel

The Chief Executive Officer of the Eastern Region Hospital System is appointed by the Deputy Director of the Division of Behavioral Health, and is responsible for Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center within the Division of Behavioral Health for the Department of Mental Health. The CEO is also responsible for overseeing the mental health service delivery system in the region, establishing a system of treatment which provides continuity of care, serves the target population, and monitors quality of care, including the operation of the state-operated psychiatric facility.

The CEO directly supervises the Chief Financial Officer, Quality Management Director, and Human Resources Manager of the facility.

Treatment Staff

Following is a list of some of our treatment staff. There are staff from many disciplines involved in treatment.

Physicians specializing in psychiatric disorders, who have had four years of training in psychiatry and neurology in addition to a medical degree.
A Medical Doctor specialized in treatment of physical disorders. Training includes a medical degree and at least one year of supervised training after graduation.
Psychologists and Counselors
Individuals with specialized training in human behavior and in diagnosing and treatment of mental disorders.
Registered Nurses
Registered nurses who have additional experience in caring for clients with psychiatric disorders.
Licensed Practical Nurse
A person with training in nursing care.
Social Worker
A person who specializes in therapy and techniques to enhance, protect or restore one's capacity for social functioning.
Psychiatric Technicians
Individuals who have completed a facility-based training program. Training includes both classroom work and clinical interactions with patients.
Individuals with specialized training in medications and their use and side effects.
Therapeutic Recreation Specialists
Individuals to provide recreational and other skills and opportunities to improve health and well-being.
Rehabilitation Services
A person with specialized training in the areas of music therapy, recreational therapy, vocational rehabilitation, and/or education. These individuals may assist with preparing to live in your own apartment, find a job, getting your GED, or developing recreational activities. Rehabilitation Services staff provides regularly scheduled recreational, fitness, and social events.
Unit Director
The person in charge of each unit.
Provides or arranges for non-denominational worship services and Catholic communion services weekly, as well as providing spiritual support and counseling as requested.
Program Supervisor
A program coordinator works with the treatment and rehabilitation staff in a given program. It is their job to develop the overall treatment/rehabilitation program, and to evaluate and help make improvements in the program.
Program Nurse
Manage the services and staff in each of the treatment programs.