Station MD success story

September 04, 2020
Submitted by: Eitas

For a glimpse of what Bailey lives with daily, he has mitochondrial encephalomyopathy which is a progressive degenerative disorder. This disease has caused Bailey loss of motor control, muscle weakness, gastrointestinal difficulties, swallowing difficulties, seizures, visual impairment, and developmental delays. He averages 2 Myoclonic seizures per day. Bailey is not able to effectively regulate his body temperature. He is not able to sweat, and thus cannot handle excessive environmental heat and can easily overheat. But, that doesn’t stop his parents taking advantage of any nice days to get him involved in his community, see picture below. Bailey has a G-Tube which is used to vent the gas build up in his stomach, Bailey needs assistance with repositioning, Bailey requires a wheelchair for mobility and a lift in order to be transferred safely. Bailey also lives with cortical visual impairment, esophageal reflux, cerebral palsy, scoliosis (diagnosed with an 80-degree curve) and hypothyroidism secondary to pituitary dysfunction. 

Bailey was throwing up all day yesterday and his mother was trying everything to give him relief. Due to his unique life, he is unable to tell/show you or show you symptoms he may be experiencing. His mother got so scared it may be Covid-19 or anything much worse. She was sceptic of utilizing Station MD but she contacted them at 1-877-782-8637 (1-877-STATMDS) to try it out. She was so impressed she asked to share her story to help others who are hesitant. When she called, the person who answered walked her through registering, getting the Ap installed and by the time she first called within 10 minutes, there was a doctor doing face time visit with Bailey. Had her push on his belly, take his blood pressure, take his temperature, then advised her to take him to the ER. Station MD even called the ER, updated them on what was happening to prepare for his arrival. They arrived and everyone was ready for him, treated him with ease, he received a Covid test which was negative and w as sent home with a treatment plan. She said it was so beneficial to them and felt a lot of support in finding relief during a traumatic time. 

She encourages you to encourage your natural homes and providers to utilize Station MD for support in any situation.