Hitting the Wall

May 04, 2020
Submitted by: Platte County Board of Services

Every Friday I have been sending a message to PCBS staff. A recent one talked about hitting the wall and ways to cope. I got this in response from a DSP.

Let me share with you something I wrote when I felt I was hitting the wall, it is a bit long but, I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to use it or any part of it you want to encourage others to stay strong and stay safe.

I'm not stressed or worried about the Covid-19 virus...I'm stressed by the people who don't take it serious. I'm an essential worker. I work with an extremely vulnerable population. Our individuals are taking this very seriously even though they don't understand what is going on. They are relying on us to care for them and their safety. What concerns me is myself and my coworkers have to do grocery shopping for ourselves and for the individuals we care for. This means shopping twice as much as the average family because we have two families to look out for. We don't want to be exposed or expose anyone to this virus. On top of this, we are working tons of extra hours in order to keep our individuals safe in their homes. Yes, I'm thankful to still be able to work. But, we don't have the options to work from home. We are away from our homes and families. When we go home or when we arrive at work we have to take extra precautions. I&# 039;m not asking for applause or other recognition. What I'm asking for is that people take this seriously, if not for yourself than please do it for someone you care about. My individual's lives matter. We are all in this together...please don't be selfish. Stay home, stay calm, be thankful for everyday. I respect all essential workers out there putting their lives on the line. I just feel I needed to speak up for a population of individuals that aren't being recognized. My agency and coworkers are taking this very seriously, I love the agency, coworkers, and individuals I work with. Please, take this seriously.