Emergency Turns into a Silver Lining

April 16, 2020
Submitted by: St. Louis Regional Office

One of my clients that lived in at Boarding Inn boarding home did not understand the stay at home order. He did not understand that everyone was getting sick and he did not understand it was a rule to stay at home. My client kept on leaving the boarding home to go to work, go shopping and to visit with friends. The owner of the boarding home informed the consumer that he was going to be given an emergency discharge notice from the boarding home. The boarding home and myself had many conversations with the consumer until he understood that he had to stay at home during the stay at home order. During all of this drama with not staying at home the ISP team learned that the consumer really does not want to live in the boarding home. Once it was discovered the consumer did not want to live in the boarding home the ISP team quickly gathered for a meeting. During the ISP meeting a referral was made to the Center for Specialized Services so he could learn how to move out of the boarding home using St. Louis County PLB funds.