DMH Foundation Training

The DMH Way

Impacting People and Results

The DMH Way is how we work together to create stronger relationships, better engagement, and more fulfillment in our roles. The DMH Way practices and principles help create an environment that recognizes personal value, growth, and commitment as the foundation for success—both inside and outside DMH. Through the DMH Way, DMH is living out its mission of serving, empowering, and supporting Missourians by investing in the DMH team and creating a culture of great leadership

DMH Way Foundation Session

The DMH Foundation Training is designed and set up to help improve personal leadership and bring your performance, and your team’s performance, to new heights. The main goals of this training are to help create even stronger working relationships, engage staff, create fulfillment in their role, and drive retention in positive ways. More information can be found in the DMH Leaders Playbook.