Visiting Hours

Everyday 2 PM to 4 PM and 6 PM to 8 PM; Underage Visiting Saturday and Sunday 2 PM to 3 PM

  • Visitors must register with the receptionist in the Danny Staples Building lobby.
  • Visitors will be screened by Security staff. They will need to lock personal items such as coats, purses, and cell phones in their vehicles or a Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center-provided locker, when available.
  • SMMHC is a tobacco free campus. Tobacco products are not allowed on SMMHC property and those possessing such items shall not use them while on SMMHC property.
  • The number of visitors is limited to three at one time.
  • Visitors must be 14 years of age to be allowed beyond the lobby. All underage visitors need to be pre-approved before the day of the visit. Once they have been approved a special visit request must be submitted 5 business days ahead of your visit so we can guarantee adequate staffing.
  • Visitors are not to give money, food, or any other items directly to a client. If these have been requested, please consult staff as to whether these items may be left.
  • If approved snacks are to be left for a client they must be non-perishable, factory sealed, and packaged in single-serving quantities.
  • Exceptions to visiting guidelines will not be made the day of a visit. Any one-time exception must be requested and planned in advance with Treatment Team approval.