Smoking Cessation Curricula

The Tobacco Dependence Treatment Handbook: A Guide to Best Practices, New York: The Guilford Press, 2007, Abrams, D.B., Niaura, R., Brown, R.A., Emmons, K.M., Goldstein, M.G, Monti, P.M. (Note: There is no link to this resource.  It can be purchased at a reasonable cost.)

This Handbook contains an eight-week tobacco cessation curriculum with lesson plans and all handouts.

Learning About Healthy Living, 2004, revised February 2012, Williams, Jill, Ziedonis, Douglas, Speelman, Nancy, et al.

This treatment manual is to provide a format to address tobacco for smokers with a serious mental illness who are either prepared to quit smoking or who are simply contemplating quitting in the future.  The manual takes a real-world approach at addressing tobacco addiction in the mental health setting and can be implemented by a broad range of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals.  It assumes that not everyone using this treatment will be immediately ready to quit smoking, but has the overall goal of moving consumers towards a tobacco-free lifestyle.  The new revision contains updated references and sections on new medications.