Deaf Services Advocates Manual

This manual addresses topics related to mental health care for deaf and hard of hearing people and the clinical specialty of Deaf mental health care. It is primarily intended for use by Deaf Services Advocates within the Missouri Department of Mental Health's behavioral health system of care. However, others interested in learning more about these areas of practice may also find the resources beneficial.

Consultation and additional resources are available by contacting the Director of Deaf Services. 

Pretrainings and Overview


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Training Agenda

Unit 1 - Introduction to Hearing Loss and Assistive Technologies

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Videos (YouTube)

Prevalence Data

American Community Survey - US Census Bureau

Child Count - Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Fact Sheets - National Institute for Deafness and Communication Disorders

Other Resources

Unit 2 - Introduction to Deaf Education

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Video (YouTube)

Services and Consultation

Legal Resources

Research Briefs - Gallaudet University VL2 Laboratory

Language Acquisition

Child Development


Alternate Languages

Unit 3 - Ethics: Cultural Competence and Scope of Practice

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Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice

American Psychological Association

American Counseling Association

National Association of Social Workers

Recommended Additional Readings and Resources

Unit 4 - The Legal Basis for Accessible Services

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Legal Resources

HIPAA FAQ and Guidance - US Department of Health and Human Services

Unit 5 - The DMH Deaf Services System: Access and Standards of Care

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Additional Office of Deaf Services Resources

Unit 6 - Introduction to Advocacy and the Role of the Deaf Services Advocate
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Unit 7 - Model Training
Unit 8 - Ongoing Supports and Additional Resources