Mass Violence

Mass violence events are human-caused tragedies that can impact whole communities. These types of events include shootings, acts of terrorism, or mass riots. These violent acts typically target defenseless citizens with the intent to harm or kill. Survivors may have feelings of confusion, fear, and helplessness. Sometimes, those with no personal connections to the event may even be impacted. It's normal for people to experience emotional distress after an event like this. Some may experience anxiety, trouble sleeping, and other depression-like symptoms in response to incidents of mass violence.

An event such as this is unexpected and often brings out strong emotions. People can call or text the SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline’s toll-free number (1–800–985–5990) and receive immediate counseling. This free, confidential, multilingual crisis support service is available to anyone experiencing distress as a result of a disaster. People who call and text are connected to trained, caring professionals from crisis counseling centers in the network. Helpline staff provide confidential counseling, referrals, and other needed support services.

The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is a source of support available 24/7 to people in crisis, including people experiencing challenging reactions to disasters.

 Trauma Informed Care Courses

Photo of Beckie Gierer from a video discussing mass violence.

The Department of Mental Health created a series of trauma informed care courses which include topics on trauma informed care, trauma informed care for teens, and trauma informed care for helping professionals.

When you click the link below to sign up you will find a message about the recent mass violence incident that can be watched prior to taking the courses.

Sign up today and enroll in the courses that interest you. More information on the Trauma Informed Care Courses, including enrollment instructions, can be found on the Trauma Informed Care Course Flyer.