Crisis Counseling Program

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Area Agencies Providing Resources:

  • ALM Hopewell Center
    Counties: Saint Louis City
    Phone Number: (866) 376-0962
  • BJC Behavioral Health
    Counties: Saint Louis City, Saint Louis County
    Phone Number: (314) 747-7492
  • Compass Health Network
    Counties: Saint Charles County
    Phone Number: (888) 237-4567


The State of Missouri has a Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) known as ‘Show-Me Hope’ that is funded by FEMA and SAMSHA in response to federally declared disasters. The CCP helps people recover and rebuild their lives after a disaster. It supports short-term interventions that involve the following counseling goals:

  • Helping disaster survivors understand their current situation and reactions.
  • Reducing stress and providing emotional support.
  • Assisting survivors in reviewing their disaster recovery options.
  • Promoting the use or development of coping strategies.
  • Connecting survivors with other people and agencies who can help them in their recovery process.

Services include:

  • Individual and group crisis counseling.
  • Basic supportive or educational contact.
  • Community networking and support.
  • Assessments, referrals, and resources.
  • Development and distribution of educational materials.
  • Media and public service announcements.

As the community builds resilience, CCP services phase down and transition to the existing community resources. For more information or to get in touch with someone, please call 573-526-7821, or email You can also find out more on our website at

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