Equity and Inclusion


Creating an equitable and just mental health system and workforce for marginalized and underserved populations in Missouri by dismantling racism, discrimination, and disparities.

Mental health and wellness is for everyone. Every client. Every colleague. Every community.

Mental Health Equity and Inclusion Alliance

The Department of Mental health is taking a critical look at its policies, practices, and outcomes. The goal is to understand where we are, and take actions to enhance equity in Missouri’s public mental health system. Mental Health Equity is the right to access quality mental health services for all populations. It is a structural and systemic concept that focuses on achieving comparable, favorable outcomes across racial and other groups through the allocation of resources in ways designed to remedy disadvantages some people face through no fault of their own.

The Alliance aims to help DMH and its provider network achieve and sustain equity by promoting fairness in policies, programs, initiatives, hiring & promotion practices, funding decisions, and consumer outcomes.

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