Team Member Recognition

Team Member of the Month


Photo of Alan Sherrell

Sometimes, the simple act of giving someone a muffin can really make a difference. The March Team Member of the Month is Alan Sherrell, the Director of Dietary Services and a member of the Applause Recognition Committee (ARC), at Fulton State Hospital.

Alan has worked at the Department of Mental Health (DMH) for 16 years and has a tireless commitment to DMH patients and staff. He is responsible for ensuring over 1,200 meals are prepared each day and served to patients seven days a week. This is an incredible accomplishment given weather, vacancies, and COVID. When staffing is short, Alan can be found coming to work as early 4:30 in the morning to make sure breakfast is served on time and leaving from work at 7:00 in the evening after all dishes have been washed. For many years now, Alan has prepared wonderful meals for employee recognition events such as the annual banquet and holiday meals. Alan recently recognized National Muffin Day, a symbol of kindness and community, by personally preparing over 800 muffins which the ARC handed out to fellow team members.

One co-worker said, “Today, when I needed a break from distressing emails, I walked into the FSH lobby and found the ARC handing out blueberry and banana nut muffins. It brought a smile to my face and I hoped it brought smiles to all the other staff working today who needed a break, and a little kindness.”

Alan takes pride in making sure the kitchen is up to all standards and he has built an amazing team by being a great listener. Alan accomplishes these things with grace and modesty, but his impact is significantly felt by his fellow team members and patients alike. Congratulations Alan!


Photo of Melissa Myers

Great organizations are built on great teamwork. The DMH February Team Member of the Month understands the value of building strong relationships with provider agencies and co-workers. Being a Targeted Case Manager (TCM) Technical Assistance Coordinator (TAC) at the Rolla Satellite Office (RSO) is a challenging position that Melissa Myers performs with ease.

Melissa has been with the Rolla Satellite Office for approximately a year and has embraced the TCM TAC duties without missing a beat. She has even been cross-trained on support coordinator processes since she works so closely with that team. Melissa has excelled at forming relationships with all of the TCM agencies with which she works. She fully understands the importance of taking the time to build these relationships face to face.

One of her coworkers said, “Melissa is a positive person who remains calm and takes the high road even when issues become difficult. She is a mom of four little ones and knows what is important in life.”

DMH is proud you are part of the team. Congratulations Melissa!


Photo of Kelly Schoenbauer

The January Team Member of the Month excels when faced with a challenge. Kelly Schoenbauer is an Area Treatment Coordinator in the Eastern Region who puts the needs of those she serves first, even during her personal time with family.

Recently, Kelly was working with a family whose son needed treatment services upon his release from the hospital after his sixth drug overdose. The son was discharged from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving with no plan or community linkage. Kelly worked with providers to find respite housing for him while he waited for a residential treatment bed. She also worked with a local Medication Assisted Treatment provider to ensure he had access to medication while in the respite house. On Thanksgiving Day, the son was dismissed from the respite house for using fentanyl. After learning of this from the father, Kelly was able to get the son into a Sobering Center for the day and then continued to work with the family through the holiday weekend to arrange for residential placement. Kelly provided support and encouragement to the family through the entire process. The son was finally admitted to a treatment provider for services.

The father called DMH to share what an amazing support Kelly had been. He recognized she went above and beyond on a holiday weekend to ensure his son received the supports to "keep him alive." He shared his frustrations with trying to navigate the system on his own and that he couldn't have done it without Kelly's assistance.

The work you do truly makes a difference. Congratulations Kelly!