Mental Health CHAMPIONS

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Celebrating the Outstanding Achievements of Missourians with Mental Health Challenges.

Mental Health Champions

The Department of Mental Health provides services to about 170,000 Missourians each year, many of whom are making major progress in overcoming the challenges of mental illnesses, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, few of their personal stories are known. To address this, the department along with the Missouri Mental Health Foundation recognizes the accomplishments of some of these individuals with the Mental Health Champions Banquet.

Three persons are selected from statewide referrals as Mental Health Champions. They are representative of individuals with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, and persons in recovery from substance or gambling addictions. They are persons who have overcome their personal challenges to make life better for others and for their communities.

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Contact the Missouri Mental Health Foundation at (573) 635-9201 or e-mail.

Lasting Legacies

The Missouri Mental Health Foundation along with the Department of Mental Health recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals whose life work brought about positive changes to the mental health field and its consumers. All of the Lasting Legacies can be found here…