Employee Disqualification List

Maintained by: Division of Senior Services and Regulations, Department of Health and Senior Services Questions: 573-526-8544

The Department of Health and Senior Services' Employee Disqualification List (EDL) provides a listing of individuals who are prohibited from employment in long-term care facilities, health care facilities, or by providers that serve the elderly in their homes. Individuals are placed on the EDL after an investigation establishes that they have abused, neglected or exploited elderly clients under their care.

The information on the EDL is confidential and available to facilities and agencies that employ staff to care for elderly or disabled individuals. Individuals that desire in-home services for a child, senior or person with disability may request a screening through the EDL by completing the Caregiver Background Screening form. On average, information from EDL takes 2-3 working days to process from the date of receipt of the request.

The information contained on the EDL is confidential and may not be released by the agency or person obtaining the information. The information may be used only to determine an applicant's employability status. A potential applicant who is listed on the EDL may not be hired by a facility or an agency and should be screened very carefully prior to being hired by an individual for private care.