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Eating Disorders are complex, mental illnesses with serious medical complications.  We encourage you to take this illness seriously.  Aggressive, intensive treatment is the best course of action for anyone who is struggling.

We’re listing many websites that provide good information on eating disorders.  Knowledge is power, particularly with this disease.  Be armed with the most current information so that you can support your loved one in their recovery.

It’s important to know that often times when patients are early in their recovery, they do not want help or treatment. They may be in denial or they may be angry or both.  Learn the facts about eating disorders today so that you can stand strong when those you love can’t.


Because eating disorders are so widely misunderstood, those afflicted are often unable to process the severity of the illness or seek help without the support of others. GET REAL, GET HELP.

Missouri Resources
Missouri Eating Disorders Association

Learn about Eating Disorders
National Eating Disorders Association
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
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