Child and Teen Services

Child and Teen Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
A therapy for children and teens who experience intense emotions. Teams are at Ozark Center, Tri-County Mental Health, Compass, and North Central MO Mental Health Center.

Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (CPRP)
Serves children and youth by providing evaluations, crisis intervention, public health services, medication, and social support. Connect with a local mental health provider.

Comprehensive Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation (CSTAR) Program
Provides substance use programs specifically for teenagers aged 12 to 17 and their families. It offers rehab, treatment, and other helpful therapies for teenagers. The staff is well trained and experienced in providing substance use treatment for teenagers. In Missouri, there are seven providers with 72 sites that offer substance use treatment to over 2000 teenagers every year.

Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) Healthcare Homes (HCH)
Integrate care for individuals with chronic health conditions into the behavioral health setting. CMHC HCH functions include but are not limited to:

  • Providing psychiatric rehabilitation.
  • Ensuring access to primary and specialty care.
  • Diverting inappropriate ER visits.
  • Coordinating post-hospitalization care.
  • Using health information technology to monitor for care management gaps.

DMH has approved Complex Trauma as an eligible chronic health condition and risk factor for youth enrollment into provider Health Care Homes.

Missouri is the second state in the US to enroll youth in Health Care Homes to help manage behavioral health, physical health, and developmental disability related to early trauma exposure.

Behavioral Health Crisis Centers (BHCCs)
Divert individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis that come to the attention of law enforcement away from jails or hospitals. Two of the 17 BHCCs in Missouri currently serve youth, and two providers will expand operations in the upcoming year:

BHCCs are presently operational at the following locations:

  • BJC (SSM DePaul Campus) in Bridgeton (STL Metro) serves youth age five and older
  • Ozark Center (Urgent Behavioral Solutions) in Joplin serves youth aged 16 and older
  • Family Counseling Center in Poplar Bluff will serve youth aged 12 and older
  • Family Guidance Center in St. Joseph will serve youth aged five and older

Youth Emergency Room Enhancement (YERE)
DMH funds Behavioral Health Network (BHN) YERE project in St. Louis. The project aims to improve access to community-based behavioral health care, reduce hospital contacts/readmissions, and improve youth's quality of life. Focused outreach services connect eligible youth aged 6-17 and their caregivers to community-based behavioral and other services.

Hawthorn's Children's Psychiatric Hospital
The only free-standing children's inpatient psychiatric facility within Missouri's Department of Mental Health. Hawthorn provides comprehensive mental health treatment to children and adolescents who are residents of Missouri and who are experiencing an acute mental disorder or who are severely emotionally disturbed. Hawthorn has an Inpatient Program and a Residential Program.

Inpatient Diversion
Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center is a Community Counseling Center program that provides residential care for children and teenagers in Cape Girardeau, MO. The treatment center is for young people aged 6-17 who require intensive residential care as an alternative to hospitalization. The program offers various services, including psychiatry, individual and group therapy, recreational therapy, nursing and medical services, family therapy, and educational services in partnership with the Cape Girardeau Public Schools. The center has 16 beds and aims to support the emotional and mental health of young people in the community.

Treatment Family Home (TFH)
A service provided by DBH providers. Youth are provided services by trained and qualified professional treatment parents to reunite children with families in a community-like setting. TFH location can serve up to three youths.

Missouri Alliance for Dual Diagnosis (MOADD)
A group of clinicians, providers, and Department of Mental Health staff. They work to improve care for individuals with both intellectual/developmental disability and behavioral health diagnoses.