Mortality Rates Among DMH Consumers

Executive Summary

Recent media coverage has focused attention on the deaths of individuals who were receiving services through the Department of Mental Health. Both the Department and the State Mental Health Commission, which oversees the Department, are committed to ensuring the state has a public mental health system that meets the high standards of quality care and safety its clients deserve. A number of steps already have been taken by the Department to address weaknesses with system and additional actions are planned.

The Mortality Rates Among DMH Consumers report is provided as context for further discussion regarding ways to improve the care and oversight provided by the Department. The report further explores:

  • Death rates of public mental health clients compared to general population
  • Causes of death for individuals receiving services through the Missouri Division of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services
  • Community medical care environment
  • Investigation process

The Department of Mental Health and the State Mental Health Commission continuously works to improve care for its clients throughout Missouri and welcomes thoughtful discussions that result in positive actions on behalf of its clients and their families.

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