TeachWell is a text-based wellness program from the Missouri Department of Mental Health as a thank you to educators. This comprehensive program aims to support the mental health and well-being of educators, recognizing that their emotional and mental well-being directly impacts their ability to create a positive learning environment for students. TeachWell offers a series of courses addressing key topics such as preventing burnout, seeking help, the benefits of movement, managing depression and anxiety, and fostering resilience through self-care and team care. By prioritizing your well-being, you can thrive both personally and professionally.

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Promotional Materials

There are promotional materials (table tents, posters, and wallet cards) available for placement in schools and education buildings to help spread the word about TeachWell. These materials are free for school districts. To request these resources please email tamara.fish@dmh.mo.gov or beckie.gierer@dmh.mo.gov

Featured Courses

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